Refurbishment of raised beds

We would like to say a big thank you to Eddie Mulholland and everyone at Loxley Scaffolding in Kidderminster for their very generous donation of scaffolding boards. At the farm we have many raised beds where our service users and our staff enjoy growing a wide variety of vegetables and plants. This has become a favourite group activity for many of our attendees who enjoy not only the task of growing and then eating the fresh food they have helped to produce, but also love the social interaction that they gain from working in a mixed ability group.
Unfortunately over the past year or so the original boards that were used to create the borders for the raised beds have started to rot and decay which has led to some of them not being able to remain in use. With this kind donation we will not only be able to fix and bring back these dormant beds, we will also be able to breathe some new life into the tired looking ones that are currently soldiering on.