Meet our staff


Pippa Bannister

Care Farm Manager

Pippa Bannister (Care Farm Manager) taught for 23 years in mainstream schools, with 2 years experience working in special needs departments. She has an Advanced Level 3 Diploma in Counselling and has worked for 'MentorLink' with children with behavioural and emotional problems in a Kidderminster secondary school. She and her husband Mark set up Nineveh Ridge in 2008, and are proud to still be running it now.


Mark Bannister

Farm Manager

Mark Bannister (Farm Manager) has farmed here for 35 years and has a broad knowledge of farm animal husbandry and the maintenance and the financial running of a business. Mark also oversees the transport arrangements for our service users.


Richard Coleman

Deputy Manager

Rich Coleman (Deputy Manager) joined us in May 2019. Richard is our resident gardening enthusiast, he also is a natural at drama too. Richard has years of experience in the care sector, but also has a good grounding in business management.

Sean Wilson

Support Worker

Sean Wilson is our 'Music Man Extraordinaire' as well as being an outstanding support worker. Sean has gained his Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care whilst with us. He has been with us longer than anyone, and has a natural empathy with everyone. He is also our safeguarding officer.


Marcus Brettle

Support Worker

Marcus joined us in 2017. Marcus came to us from another care organisation in Kidderminster, where he had worked with learning disabilities for many years. He has a lovely spontaneous and warm personality, which makes him fun for the clients to work with.

Rachel Pritchard

Support Worker

Rachael Pritchard worked as a volunteer at the farm for 4 years before we took her on as a member of staff. She has completed her Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care whilst working with us.

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Paula Keen

Support Worker

Paula Keen is our resident animal whisperer. She does the majority of the animal care with our service users at the farm and teaches them about the importance of animal welfare.

Kate Buffery

Support Worker

Kate joined us in January 2018. Kate started off as a volunteer, but now she is a valid member of staff, bringing her forest craft training to good use with our clients. Kate also works one to one with some of our clients that need extra support.

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Sean Griffiths

Support Worker

Griff joined us in July 2018. Griff is a fantastic woodwork teacher and he is brilliant at keeping the farm repairs up to date.

Lisa Wright

Support Worker

Lisa joined us in January 2019. Lisa has years of experience working in a care organisation. Lisa is very good at cooking and drama due her bubbly personality. She also works 1:1 with some more challenging clients.

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 Bethany Webb

Support Worker

Bethany joined us in May 2019. Beth puts her hand to anything thats needed of her, and its lovely to have a youngster about again.


Support Worker

Anne-Marie joined us in February 2019. Anne-Marie supports one of our visually impaired clients, she is kind and patient, which makes her good at this job.